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Day 01 - Ella

We are pick up form you in Airport or your Hotel.

One of most beautiful views paradise in Sri Lanka, Ella is a little mountain town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka whilst also offering lots of fantastic walks through tea plantations to temples and waterfalls. Ella with its perfect climate soothes your mind and base for relaxing. There are a lot of things to do in Ella thats are canoeing, hiking and trekking to bird watching.

Kandy Tour includes a visit to Rawana Fall, Mini Adams Peek, Nine Arch Bridge, and Train Raid (Demodara to Ella).

Rawana Fall
The Ravana Ella or the Ravana falls is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka and is one of the most popular attractions. The falls is said to have been named after the famous king, King Ravana. The story goes that King Ravana kidnapped Princess Sita from India and hid her in the caves behind the waterfall.

Mini Adams Peak
The little Adams Peak also known as Punchi Sri Padaya is situated in Ella attracts many travelers who visit Sri Lanka and the hiking trails .In the end you will reach up to the top of little Adams peak and win the trophy of magnificent picturesque view stretches below.

Nine Arch Bridge
The Nine Arch Bridge Ella is one of the most iconic spots in the whole of Sri Lanka which is the stone train bridge with nine beautiful arches built by the British that is located between Ella and Demodara station.It is a stunning example of the incredible engineering prowess behind the island’s railway system.

Train Raid ( Demodara to Ella )
The train ride in the highlands with the Demodara to Ella train is named as one of most scenic train journey  in the Sri Lanka. From the many trails winding through the area, we will help you select the one to bring you maximum enjoyment, depending on your preference and fitness.